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Slide Dragon roller coaster

Total height: 2.65m

Power: 2.5kw*2

Capacity: 20P

Top height: 3.2m

Track length: 120m


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Slide dragon roller coaster rideis a kind of park rides with dragon tail shape, the entire drive train consists of two front and rear drive, traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes circled, sometimes rapid decline, both entertaining, fun, and irritating ,The elegant shape of the Chinese Dragon and the decoration with ethnic characteristics are attractive to passengers. it is popular for all ages.


1.We have our own baking finish room,so The seats are made from high quality fiber reinforce plastic(FRP),very durable,bright and shining; we insist on strict produce process about FRP.
2.Excellent painting,The surface of seats is made with anti-rust & automobile paint, no fade; The painting color can be customized.
3.We use advanced technology produce the Automatic brake function.The technical track smooth welding and thick seamless steel pipes ensure strong and safe.
4.We use the Frequency conversion motor make the worm roller coaster’ speed adjustable itself.
5.We design special program on the computer,then it’s easy to control the operating.

Capacity 20P
Cabinets 6
Power 2.5kw*2
Track height 2.65m
Top height 3.2m
Track length 120m
Certificate CE/SASO/ISO
Warranty 12months
Speed adjustable
Install We can send engineer


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