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What is a play device?
    The rides are divided into indoor rides and outdoor (outdoor) rides. Outdoor children's play equipment is mainly classified according to the structure and form of the exercise.

    1. Turning horses
Structural kinematics: The cockpit is mounted on a rotating or support arm and rotates about a vertical or tilting axis. Or a small swing when rotating around the vertical axis. Small swinging rides that rotate around the vertical axis, such as: ocean horse, crown turn horse, double turn horse, luxury turn horse, insect paradise, happy jellyfish, etc.

    2. Roller coaster
Structural motion characteristics: The vehicle itself has no power and is raised to a certain height by the lifting device. The inertia runs along the track; or the vehicle itself is energized and runs on an undulating track. Such as: roller coaster, crazy old mouse, sliding dragon, rapid flow, fruit worm, etc.

    3. Pendulum class
Structural motion characteristics: the pendulum type axis rotates, such as: large pendulum, 360 degree pendulum, pirate ship, etc.
    4. Flying tower
Structural movement features: suspension of the nacelle and oscillating movement during lifting, the suspension is suspended with flexible parts. Such as: flying towers, flying chairs, viewing towers, frog jumping, etc.

    5. Rail car
Structural motion characteristics: run along the specified line on the ground. Such as: elephant train, mini shuttle, small train, speed speed, Shenzhou UFO, etc.

    6. Self-controlled aircraft
Structural Motion Features: The passenger portion rotates around the central axis and performs a lifting motion. Most passengers are mounted on a rotating arm. Such as: self-controlled aircraft, self-controlled bees, self-controlled bears, space shuttle, fierce battle shark island, etc.

    7. Automobiles
Structural movement characteristics: free driving. Such as: bumper cars, Skynet bumper cars, go-karts, racing cars, etc.